Monday, May 7, 2012

What is this blog about?

Smart bloggers, popular bloggers, have a definite theme to their blogs. This is so that people particularly interested in that theme, say publishing or disability advocacy, or crocheting, will be attracted to follow that blog by a steady stream of posts they are interested in. And if I were a more organized and confident writer this blog would have one theme too. But I felt challenged enough by the commitment to write at least one coherent and interesting post a week, without artificially restricting myself to one subject. So here is a list of the things I anticipate posting about on this blog:

  • Ideas I have about philosophy and metaphysics, since the basics of reality are important to everyone and no one has cornered the market on right answers in this field.
  • Reviews of books I think might be of general interest, because I’m obsessed with reading and want to share the ideas it sparks.
  • Thoughts about my own experience with Asperger's syndrome, because it is an interesting and unusual perspective on life.
  • Meditations about my faith, because it foundational to my life.
  • Occasional posts about things I think are fun or funny because a smile is good thing.

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