Friday, August 16, 2013

mini-review: 10 Sacred Cows in Christianity That Need to be Tipped

10 Sacred Cows in Christianity That Need to be Tipped is a quick but thought provoking read. It takes a look at some common tendencies and temptations in the modern church and a basic presentation of why they are unbiblical and undesirable.

I did like the boldness issues that are very common and easy to fall into and the way the simplicity of the argument focused attention on the problem without giving the reader an opportunity to be distracted by side issues.

I didn’t like how the book attaches all attempts to take into consideration the human desires for comfort, or familiarity or excitement. While I agree that this should never be the primary consideration nor should these considerations be a constant indulgence, there may be a time and a place for these to be a secondary consideration.

What this book is not:

  •  A rebuttal of all the possible arguments and excuses for the practices criticized
  •  An accusation of any particular person or group as having the criticized practices. (It’s an invitation for the readers to examine their own consciences, not disparage others.)
  • A detailed road map of what to do instead. 

But it isn’t trying to be any of these things. This isn’t a book that does your all thinking for you, but one that gives you a shove away from complacency.

There are certain things that are foundation about the church that don't change through time. But having that foundation makes it necessary and all the more possible and exciting to examine traditions we may have fall into out of habit, or ideas we just took for granted without examining fully. God is continuing to use his Holy Spirit to shape the church and there is always more of his love, his grace, and his holiness to learn about.

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