Friday, May 26, 2017

Chess set

This is a chess set I made as a gift.It's slip cast from a commercial mold and then I hand painted each piece to be unique. It took pours to get all the pieces for a complete set. I would sit in the garden and watch the little bunnies as I cleaned the unfired clay after I took them from the mold. Then I would paint a few at my desk after work each day.

The white pieces symbol was inspired by the logo for the San Diego Chargers
The red pieces symbol was inspired by the logo for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The themes were picked by my husband who requested these to be a special gift. But I had a lot of fun creating my own take on them, as well as coming up a unique design for each piece.

The white King has a little tear drop on his temple.

The white queen has gold supports for her crown and a grey bearded pawn.

One of the white bishops is uncomfortable  in his black chin strap, or maybe that is because his pawn is always questioning everything.

One pawn had turned his lightning bolts into horns.

The windows are glowing with light on one of the white rooks.

And wither a sinister flare from the red rook too.

The red knight's pawns wear their symbol like a horse's blase. But one of them has already gotten a wound on his chin.

Despite their sever eyebrows and leather helmeted pawns, one of the red bishops is a little overwhelmed and the other's blush shows his soft side.

The red king isn't afraid of a little lip stick himself.

While the red queen favors a little bit of pink for herself and for her freckled pawn.

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