Monday, June 25, 2012

Mallow Berries

When I say mallow berries my husband thinks that I’m just using a strange word for boysenberries. 

NOT Mallow berriesImage by Sandra Forbes vis Wikimedia Commons   

image via Wikimedia commons
 I’m not sure they are actually berries. I don’t know what to call them, nuts?seeds? squash? But since they remind me of wheat berries I’m sticking to that.
Ever since I was told they were edible as a kid I have loved mallow berries. They're a favorite spring treat of mine. But I’ve never seen them for sale in a store. Luckily mallow is a fairly common weed in this area.

They grow from small purple flowers
The berries are less than a half inch across.
You somuld pick the ones where you can see a little star of berry through the wrapping. (These are less likely to have worms.)

peel back the wrapping to get the yummy juicy berry

eat the berry

and discard the wrap

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