Saturday, June 23, 2012

mini-REVIEW: The Power of Habit

This book takes a look at what habits are, how they work and how pervasive they are in our lives. It looks at how we end up doing things without thinking about them and how we can change our habits by understanding what triggers them and what rewards them. It’s an encouraging book, good for sparking ideas on good things to try.
The information is mostly told through anecdotes and stories, even the coverage of scientific investigations focuses more of special case studies than on statistics. This makes the information exciting and memorable but it makes evaluating the general principles suggested harder. At times the emotionality of main points felt overplay while the connections and interplay with other ideas and factors felt underplayed. But I like the variety of examples used. And I really liked how how the book opened my mind up to seeing how much habits impacted my life and how much I could gain but tailing my habits and my responses to the habits of others. 

This review was based on the audio version read by Mike Chamberlain

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