Sunday, July 8, 2012

Freedom from our Fellows

Today in sunday school the lesson I was teaching included the song victory in Jesus and as I was listening my attention was caught by the mention of mansions. The song is referencing the King James version translation of John 14:2. Last weekend I was visiting a house that compared to my own home was like a mansion. Even with all the guests they had their was still plenty of room for us all to spread out, and there were many beautiful things in the house without it feeling at all cluttered. In the world today space is sometimes at a premium and it’s a luxury to have plenty of space for each person. It allows us to distance ourselves from the irritations of others and can conceal our own foibles.
But it struck me as wrong to think of that sort of mansion in association with our Father’s house. Would I need that freedom from my fellows once we are all free of the frailties of this fallen world? So I prefer the other definition of μοναι as simply dwelling place. I think we’ll all live in closeness in together in the house of the Lord rather than rattling around in our own mansions.

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