Sunday, July 15, 2012

Inside the Body

Today at church we had communion. And the I was thinking about the act of symbolically drinking the blood of Jesus. Some days ago I was doing an internet survey of what pictures are disgusting. One of the candidates presented was a splatter of blood against a white background.
Since the red and white color combination was so clearly not offensive, it started me thinking about why the idea of blood might be disgusting. After all everyone has blood circulating around inside their body and that is not considered disgusting. It’s the idea that the blood, when outside the body, is profoundly out of place.
When we take the cup in communion we are acknowledging that we are already inside the body of Christ. Metaphorical blood is not out of place here because it is not on the outside. This blood is fulfilling its purposes, flowing among the different members of Jesus’s body.

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